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Madonna’s 10 Best Ballads


It seems that when people mention great Madonna songs, the usual suspects tend to show up: Like a Prayer, Ray of Light, Vogue, Express Yourself, and so on. Rarely is a ballad ever mentioned. Her latest single, Ghosttown, will hopefully make people look back at her other ballads over the years and start re-evaluating them. Together, these songs highlight just how versatile her career has been, and they also show that if she doesn’t quite have a five-octave vocal range,  there is still a difference between singing and interpreting. She puts what she does have to far better use than other singers who are more recognized for their vocal ability, delicately maximizing the emotional potential of each song. So, to remind everyone just how many great ballads Madonna has released over the years, here is my list of her top 10. I do have to admit, though, that with the exception of the top two, the others could easily move up or down on any given day, depending on my mood. That should just further prove how consistent she has been over the course of her career.

What do you think? Did I forget any? Where would you rank Ghosttown on the list?

10.  Rain

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