About Rod Benitez

What to write here?

My name is Rod Benitez. Two weeks ago I moved to Guadalajara, Mexico after living in Toronto, Canada for two and a half years. Moving to a new place, particularly when you don’t know anyone there, can be even scarier than a Catholic upbringing. So many roads to choose from, a detour to hell at every turn. But, oh the possibilities. So many adventures to be had! That is part of the reason why I am starting this blog. Yes, being in a new place is daunting. It was scary two years ago, and it is scary now. But it worked out the first time (after an initial two or three hotel room breakdowns) and I can’t wait for the upcoming year, hoping for a repeat.

This will serve mainly as an outlet to document whatever is on my oh-so-ADD mind. I am passionate about movies and music so expect to hear a lot about that since I can ultimately only write about what I know and what interests me. I am, at the end of the day, doing this mostly for myself, as a motivation to write more and as a record of my thoughts. That being said, I can only hope to, once every few days/weeks/months, have something go say that is interesting enough to be enjoyed by someone other than my grandma and a couple of stalkers which I have been lucky enough to accumulate over the years. I’m probably being a bit presumptions by assuming even they will be reading, but I have to set high, yet theoretically realistic goals for myself.

So, two weeks into my stay in Mexico and not a single nervous breakdown later, I can only say, “Bring the rest of 2010 on!”


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