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Mexico in Pictures: Huentitan Sequel

As I posted before, my hike to Huentitan canyon last week did not end so well. I had a lot of fun, but we ended up being turned away before I was able to see the river. Rod : Bodies of water :: Moth : Flame. So I had to go back this weekend.

As much as I wanted to be prepared for a donkey attack with gear to step all over them, going for my hike in boots might not have been the best idea. And I was once again unable to reach the river, although I was that much closer. Within meters, in fact. I’m beginning to wonder if this is the Mexican Area 51. I will just have to keep going back until I reach my intended destination, I guess. That might have to wait until the missing layer of skin at the bottom of my feet grows back, though. Until then, I have these photos (and more over at my Flick’r page):

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Mexico in Pictures: Huentitan Canyon

Huentitan Canyon is located in the Guadalajara Metropolitan area.  The Rio Grande de Santiago (Mexico’s second largest river) runs through the bottom of the canyon. Climbing down to the bottom is quite the workout (don’t be fooled by the pictures, they don’t do the hill’s angle any justice). As someone who is a little obsessed with fresh bodies of water, I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom for a close view of the river. Sadly, during our climb down this weekend, we decided to take a bit of detour along the way thinking it’d be faster, and ended up in private property at the bottom of the canyon. Unable to get to the river itself.

Enjoy the (distant) views of the river and canyon.

Huentitan Canyon Sunset

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Mexico in Pictures: Michoacan Coastline

When I think “weekend getaway”, the beach has usually not been my top choice in the past. This might have changed after seeing the Michoacan, Mexico coastline. Enjoy the following pictures, taken mostly in Maruata.

As always you can view additional photos, in their full size via Flickr.

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Mexico in Pictures: State of Colima

The idea behind this is that if you find my writing a chore, you can look at these. Take it as a welcome respite. And then wonder how amazing they would have turned out if taken by someone with actual talent.

(You can view these and more in their full size on Flickr).

View From Up High

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